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Hello, everyone!


If you have stumbled across my website, please forgive the jumbled chaos that you see here. This is my first website, and I have only just started building this's not even a work in progress yet.


In the very near future, this website will feature links and PDFs that showcase my professional writing career for various publications, and I look forward to adding new writing to this section on a regular basis!


There will also be a select portfolio of my photography. I am an amateur, to be sure, but I love finding excellent images in the world, grabbing them with my camera, and bringing them into focus.


Even more, I am launching my blog here that will focus on music, arts, and books, and I hope you find it fun and meaningful to read, or at least a mild diversion.


So please keep checking back, as I hope to make it worth your while.




29 July 2021

Today's walk: 6.9 miles.
Soundtracks: Tres Hombres, Degüello, and Mescalero, all by ZZ Top.
Result: This urban sojourn is dedicated to Dusty Hill, bassist of ZZ Top, who passed away yesterday at age 72. The man could sing like a party banshee, and he anchored the filthiest grooves in rock history. Today I put on three of my favorites, and just listened to him play.

Tres Hombres (1973) is the classic, one of the greatest-ever hard rock albums. Degüello (1979) is my favorite, weird and sleek, like a T-Bird with Day-Glo tailfins slicing through a Houston sunset. And the late-era Mescalero (2003) is brash and splattered with sound. As for their biggest hit, Eliminator (1983), I listened to that yesterday when I heard the news. Now it's your turn to listen to some ZZ Top today, and be sure to have fun remembering a great musician who gave such fun to us.

Cambridge, Mass.

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